Downhole magnet drive systems for innovative artificial lift

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Driving production performance

Zilift was established in May 2009 exclusively to develop and market permanent magnet technologies for innovative artificial lift applications. Zilift Magnet Drive™ systems are defined by the high efficiency, compact design capabilities of permanent magnet materials. Zilift innovative artificial lift systems deliver high torque or hi-flow in the most versatile, compact downhole drivetrain packages.

Zilift is currently developing two product lines which will offer reductions in lifting costs and enable customers to explore innovative PCP and ESP deployments in situations and applications where none exist today.

Zilift TorqueDrive™ for PCP – is an integrated downhole drivetrain and PCP artificial lift system. Zilift TorqueDrive™ removes the compromises and failure modes that are associated with top drive systems. The system dramatically improves pump performance and wellbore placement options.

Zilift SpeedDrive™ for ESP – is the only 2⁵⁄₈″ diameter ESP in the world. Now it is possible to deploy an ESP on cable or wireline and take all the benefits of ESP artificial lift to new through tubing, slim bore, live well intervention and restricted access applications.

Zilift has a highly skilled and innovative workforce with a very strong design and engineering base, covering:

  • Permanent magnet motor and pump technology
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Material science
  • Rotor dynamics
  • High temperature electronics
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • Software and control systems
  • Well engineering

Zilift is an independent company, employing a team of 30, based in Aberdeen and backed by six venture capital companies: Energy Technology Ventures – a GE-NRG Energy-ConocoPhillips venture – and existing investors Energy Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Viking Venture, Jebsen Asset Management, Investinor and Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures LLC.


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