Zilift uses permanent magnet technology to put downhole pumps where others can't.

Zilift SpeedDrive

Zilift SpeedDrive technology is a high speed, slimline centrifugal pump designed specifically to be deployed on cable, through the production tubing.

Whether as a contingency ESP to maintain production while waiting for a well workover, or as a permanent installation to replace inefficient gas lift, Zilift SpeedDrive offers truly unique capabilities for production optimization.

Zilift TorqueDrive

Zilift TorqueDrive is a down-hole drive for Progressing Cavity Pumps using permanent magnet motor and gear technologies.


With cable and coiled tubing deployment coupled with live well intervention capabilities, Zilift TorqueDrive represents a game changing technology for artificial lift applications.

What we do...

Zilift is an oil and gas technology company dedicated to the application of permanent magnet technologies in the downhole environment

Cable, Coiled Tubing or Jointed Tubing deployed Artificial Lift

Whether it's slim hole, deviated to horizontal wells or through-tubing deployment - only Zilift has demonstrated the capability to provide a solution for the most challenging Artificial Lift applications.