Zilift Alternative Deployment

When Zilift launched the development of our unique pump systems for artificial lift applications, it was always about alternative deployment.  Run pumps through tubing suspended on cable.  Run pumps into wells on coiled tubing.  To turn this vision into reality, Zilift designed pump systems that leverage the inherent power density of permanent magnet technologies to create machines that are smaller than conventional alternatives.  Small enough to fit inside a single lubricator stack.  Small enough to be run on slim cables without the need to bespoke deployment equipment.  Small enough to get the pump to where you need it in the well bore.


Yet powerful enough to do real work - and lots of it.

Cable Deployed

Running a pump system on cables as small as 3/8" in diameter enables Zilift to spool the pump into the wellbore in the same time it takes to do a wireline operation.  And using identical equipment.

Onshore this enables rapid pump change out - no need to wait for a rig to be available with the associated pump units and heavy lifts - spool the pump in and out of the well from the back of a trailer.

Offshore this enables pump replacement without rigs.  On minimum infrastructure facilities this can save the cost of a jack-up platform mobilisation.  Or run a through tubing deployed pump above a failed ESP - sustain production until a heavy workover can be arranged.

Zilift have the toolkit - and the experience to deliver cable deployed pump technologies.

Zilift performs cable deployment demonstration in California
Zilift performs coiled tubing TorqueDrive deployment in Australia

Coiled Tubing Deployed

But not like you have ever seen it before.


Thanks to the ultra low power consumption of Zilift Permanent Magnet Motors, it is now possible to run a cable inside the coiled tubing and produce fluids through the coil at the same time.  Previous coiled tubing deployed ESP had used the coil only as a means to support and protect the power cable.  With Zilift fully metal sheathed 3/8" diameter cable and metal to metal sealing throughout, the coil can now serve as the production conduit to surface.

In gas well deliquification, or CSG / CBM dewatering applications water can be produced up the coil inside while gas is produced up the annulus.  In heavy oil applications small bore coil can greatly enhance solids transport. 

And again.  Zilift have the toolkit and the experience to deliver cable deployed pump technologies.

Temporary Pump Installation

Intentionally killed wells following workover.  Unintentionally killed wells following shut-in.  Liquid loaded gas wells.  All applications that need an intervention to reinstate natural flow.

The conventional wisdom is to add completion components to allow gas or lighter fluids to be circulated to lighten the fluid column.  Gas lift mandrels, sliding side doors.  But these components add time and cost to the operation, require assured casing integrity and worse, can lead to tubing integrity issues.

Or an alternative is to use coiled tubing to inject nitrogen deep into the well to assist in lifting the fluids.  But nitrogen coiled tubing jobs require a heavy equipment mobilisation - costly in an offshore environment and more so where deck space is limited....

Zilift pump technologies can be spooled into a dead well and operated until sufficient fluid has been displaced that the well starts to flow naturally.  Once flow is established the pump can be pulled back into the pressure control equipment and leave the well ready to re-enter production.

Live Well Intervention

And let's not forget one of the main benefits to be gained from alternate deployed Zilift pump technologies - live well intervention capability.

Imagine what this can bring to production operations.  No need to kill the well to replace a failed pump system.  No damage to the formation through pumping kill fluids.  No contaminated kill fluid to be handled, treated and disposed of.

To Zilift, alternate deployment delivers way more than a slick way to run pumps.