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Zilift kickSTART for lazy wells

Reinstate production from deliberately or unintentionally killed wells with only a wireline winch and pressure control equipment?  Here's how - Zilift kickSTART service - a new tool in the wireline toolkit!

Cable Deployed TorqueDrive for Thermal Wells Applications

A discussion on the application of cable deployed pumps to overcome the challenges of elastomeric PCP for thermal production operations.

CoilDrive launches for Australian CSG Applications

An overview of the world first deployment of CoilDrive - coil tubing deployed TorqueDrive

Zilift drastically improves MTBF

A white paper case history describing how Zilift TorqueDrive technologies provided a unique solution to a well that couldn't be pumped.

Zilift No-Rig deployment

Provides and overview of the benefits of rapid response, cable deployed Zilift Artificial Lift technologies.

Zilift No-Water intervention

Provides an overview of the benefits to be gained by eliminating water from the intervention equation.

Zilift Torque Converter

Zilift Torque Converter introduction and theory of operation.

Zilift permanent magent materials

A brief document providing an overview of permanent magnet materials.

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Zilift TorqueDrive

Outline Specification

Zilift SpeedDrive

Outline Specification