Zilift demonstrates No-Rig artificial lift pump deployment

Zilift Ltd, have successfully demonstrated cable deployment of their SpeedDrive technologies on cable and without the need for conventional rig services. Using a conventional winch and pressure control equipment (including BoP, lubricator and stuffing box), a SpeedDrive 2625 pump assembly was run into a test facility well in Oklahoma demonstrating the live-well deployment capability of the system.

A wireline deployed, retrievable packer in the tubing string was used to land out the pump system and the repeatability of the ability to latch and unlatch the system verified. Whilst unlatched the system was suspended in the BoP rams and the lubricator removed, demonstrating the capability to install a hanger termination in order to permanently install the equipment.

Mike Rushby, Manager of the SpeedDrive Business Unit said: “This trial is a significant step forward in Zilift’s capability to deliver through tubing cable deployed ESP technologies without the need for a rig at any point – something the industry has been seeking for decades.”

Zilift, a fully independent company, was established in May 2009 exclusively to develop and market permanent magnet technologies that will form the next generation of artificial lift for the oil and gas industry.

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