Zilift RodDrive Concept Secures Industry Funding

Zilift are pleased to announce that they will be working in conjunction with a major Canadian Oil and Gas operator to explore the feasibility of Zilift RodDrive technology. RodDrive is a combination of Zilift unique downhole Torque Converter (or magnetic gear box) driven by a conventional sucker rod string and being used to power a centrifugal pump. The Canadian operator will be seeking to determine the feasibility of the technology in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) applications where high capacity pump operating conditions can exceed 200 degrees centigrade, making it an extremely challenging environment for conventional Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) motors and cables.

Positioned in between the low speed sucker rod string and the centrifugal pump, the Torque Converter will increase the speed on its output approximately 8 times, providing the pump with the high speed it requires to operate efficiently to deliver the high volumes that the economics of SAGD applications demands. With no contacting parts in the drive transmission train, the Torque Converter offers high reliability even in such a demanding application.

Iain Maclean, Zilift CEO said : “We are delighted for this opportunity to develop our truly unique Torque Converter for this application. This marks the first alternative application of the magnetic gear technology beyond the core TorqueDrive product and opens the door for not only significantly more powerful machines. but also entry into other applications such as drilling applications.”

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