300hp through-tubing ESP completes workshop endurance trial

The SpeedDrive 350 system is a high speed ESP, deployable through 4.5-in or larger tubing without needing a rig at any stage during installation or recovery. The system is less than 60ft total length, is driven by a 300hp permanent magnet motor and can operate at rates up to 10,000bfpd.

At the close of 2018 the product achieved an important milestone in its development, with the successful completion of an endurance trial on Zilift's flow loop in Aberdeen, UK. The trial began by confirming pump performance, characterising motor operation and then went on to complete a 10-day 24/7 trial. It demonstrated robustness of the downhole equipment, with excellent temperature and vibration performance.

The SpeedDrive 350 system will now move on to a deployment trial prior to its first field in the Middle East later this year.

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