Zilift proves its cable deployment method

As Nasir Al-Naimi [Vice President, Petroleum Engineering and Development, Saudi Aramco] eloquently put during the opening ceremony at the recent SPE Middle East Artificial Lift Conference & Exhibition, "Rigs are eating our lunch", and by this he meant we need to be finding alternative ESP deployment methods to avoid the use of rigs.

Zilift has for some time been developing just such methods, based on its permanent magnet technologies and has successfully completed several field demonstrations verifying installation and retrieval methods.

These demonstrations used Zilift's SpeedDrive 43hp 2625 product and was run within a single 40ft lubricator. During the most recent test the system was left running 24/7 for 90 days before retrieval.

The tests showed that the BHA can be run and retrieved using nothing more than a conventional wireline winch, pressure control and lubricator. It is interesting to note that the BHA free spools from the lubricator without the need of an injector. The video below provides an overview.

SpeedDrive 2625, in a contingent ESP mode, will enter service in the coming months.

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