SpeedDrive 350 successfully completes System Integration Testing

Zilift's SpeedDrive 350 is a rig-less, cable deployed ESP system which can be fully retrofitted through existing tubing. The system delivers 300+HP and flow rates of up to 10,000bfpd through 4-1/2” tubing and has the benefit of integrated downhole monitoring. In early May the system successfully completed its System Integration Testing (SIT) which included deployment, operation and retrieval using live well procedures. A small coil tubing unit was used in conjunction with Zilift's 1” cable to deploy the system as a single piece, using standard PCE with a lubricator of <60ft. The system was landed into a retrievable anchor/ latch which was installed using established wireline methods. At surface the cable was terminated into a hanger and landed into a spool piece - this allows the cable to exit the tubing and be made up to a VFD. The system can be operated either locally or by secure remote connection. The system produced ~4000bfpd before being successfully retrieved to surface again using live well procedures. This deployment was the successful culmination of lab and operational testing for Zilift's SpeedDrive 350 rig-less ESP, which will now move on to contracted field trials.

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