Zilift SpeedDrive

Zilift SpeedDrive offers the advantages of powerful permanent magnet motor technology in an ultra-compact downhole pumping package installable on any conveyance. Zilift SpeedDrive can be rapidly deployed in response to failed traditional ESPs as well as significantly lowering installation costs for primary production by artificial lift.

SpeedDrive applications include:

  • Rigless, retrofit contingency ESP

  • Primary rigless ESP installations

  • Restore production when gas lift expires

  • Conventional oil, gas, condensate or shale well applications

conveyance is your choice...

Zilift ground breaking artificial lift technologies lets you run through highly deviated and horizontal well bores to put the pump where you need it for maximum production. No more compromises based on rod and tubing wear considerations. Put the pump where you need it in order to maximise drawdown on the formation and increase ultimate recovery. Stop drowning the perforations with fluid.

pump placement where you want it

Zilift SpeedDrive can be placed close to the producing zone including fully horizontal. Deeper placement delivers increased production and increases reservoir recovery. Due to its small diameter Zilift SpeedDrive is capable of placement directly into the liner section of shale wells

enabling true  no-rig deployment

In the rigless configuration, Zilift SpeedDrive can be installed using standard wireline spooling methods without the need for a workover rig at any stage. It does not require the well to be re-completed neither does it need a downhole wet mateable connector. This innovation allows rigs to continue adding production capacity without the burden of unscheduled well workover when a conventionally deployed ESP fails

reduce deferred  production

Even the most reliable artificial lift technologies can be prone to failure, either through electrical or mechanical means, or the inability to respond to changing reservoir conditions. As a contingency ESP, Zilift SpeedDrive can be rapidly deployed through-tubing to sustain production in the event of a failed primary ESP or inefficient gas lift production. 

Rig-less through-tubing deployment offers greatest value to Operators where the costs of well workover make the well uneconomic. Using Zilift SpeedDrive enables new production life by cutting installation/recovery costs and reducing deferred production. Improved operational safety is achieved by removing the need for heavy tubing lifts as a rig is not required even on first install. An upward revision of reserves may also be achieved with Zilift SpeedDrive.

No-rig deployment

Leverage the advantages of going rigless. Reduced work-over and intervention costs minimal personnel exposure and let the rigs get on with what they do best – drilling!

Drill the way you want to

No more drilling compromises. Drill the way you want to knowing there is an artificial lift solution that lets you put the pump where you want it.

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It's about time

Reduce deferred production with a rapid deployment contingency ESP.the advantages of going rigless.

Integrate monitoring and control

Constantly, immediately and automatically respond to changes in well behavior to ensure the pump outflow always matches the well inflow.

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