Zilift TorqueDrive

Zilift TorqueDrive combines the advantages of permanent magnet transmission and motor technology in an ultra-compact package allowing production operators to eliminate compromises traditionally associated with conventional top drive, rod driven pumping systems.

produce more from horizontal wells

Zilift ground breaking artificial lift technologies lets you run through highly deviated and horizontal well bores to put the pump where you need it for maximum production. No more compromises based on rod and tubing wear considerations. Put the pump where you need it in order to maximise drawdown on the formation and increase ultimate recovery. Stop drowning the perforations with fluid.

TorqueDrive applications include:

  • Heavy oil - cyclic thermal and steam flood

  • Heavy oil - non thermal

  • Conventional and unconventional oil

  • Gas and CBM well deliquification

  • Horizontal and highly deviated wells

  • Redevelopment of legacy fields

use a pump on controller

The stop / start / stop pump operation from conventional controllers isn’t necessary when you have almost unlimited pump turndown. A pumped off well doesn’t produce a single drop when it’s switched off. Zilift TorqueDrive isn’t a pump off controller – it’s a pump ON controller.

simplify production and  respect the reservoir

With integrated real time performance data, embedded automation takes care of matching the pump performance to changing reservoir conditions. The continuous pumping motion eliminates cyclic pressure pulses on the formation and reduces damage to the well bore that can lead to sand influx or reduced productivity.

Zilift Torque Converter

At the heart of Zilift TorqueDrive technology lies the Torque Converter.  This unique down hole technology uses permanent magnet materials to provide a speed to torque conversion. The absence of any inter-meshing parts provides extremely high relibility combined with excellent efficiency in an ultra-compact package.

Save energy

The prime mover is now placed where the work is being done. No more rod or stripper unit losses, no pumping unit friction and highly efficient motors.

Drill the way you want to

No more drilling compromises. Drill the way you want to knowing there is an artificial lift solution that lets you put the pump where you want it.

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Reduce waste and reuse more

Eliminate sucker rods and the surface pumping unit. Downsize the tubing string and even reuse worn tubulars.

Intergate monitoring and control

Constantly, immediately and automatically respond to changes in well behaviour to ensure the pump outflow always matches the well inflow.

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